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Review Your System

To have your life under control you must review your system regularly, as often as necessary, so you can totally trust it.

Not everything should be reviewed at the same frequency. Two types of revisions are recommended: a more frequent one, which allows you to focus on what is important at the time, and another less frequent that allows you to keep your system updated and consistent with your goals in the medium to long term.

The more frequent review

Depending on your activity level, you can do it daily, every two or three days or even more than once in a day. Ideally, either early in the day or at the end of the previous day, you need to be clear about what you have to do and what you can do this day:

  1. First you have to check your Calendar. Here you can find those actions you absolutely have to do this day. Take a look at the actions scheduled for the next few days. Maybe you can get on with some of those tasks.
  2. Then check your Next Actions list. What actions and projects require more immediate attention? Use the star-shaped icon to give them focus.
    next actions
  3. Do not forget to take a look at your Waiting For list. Is there any delegated task that is getting stuck? Contact the responsible to track its progress.
    waiting for
  4. You already know you must collect every thing that comes to your mind. If you have collected some stuff out of FacileThings (notebooks, notes, business cards, papers and the like) you can transfer those things to your GTD system at the end of the day. If the information is located in different places, you are not going to be able to make your decisions properly.
  5. Then, if necessary, spend a few minutes processing the stuff you have collected.

The less frequent review

Ideally, you should do a Weekly Review, despite the frequency, as in the previous case, will depend on your activity level. This review is essential to succeed in GTD because it ensures that everything gets properly collected, processed, organized and updated.

To do this review you should book some time—preferably at the end of the week—where you know you’ll be fresh and calm at the same time.

Here is a detailed guide to do the Weekly Review.

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