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The Someday/Maybe list, under control

I am afraid the Someday/Maybe list is doomed to become a bottomless pit where we accumulate our creativity and pending projects. All the stuff that we cannot process right now, are immediately set as something that we will do someday, so this list becomes a huge queue of wishes. It is for this reason that the Someday/Maybe list cannot be treated as a manageable foreground list, like Next Actions, but we should work to structure it so as not to lose confidence on it and avoid turning it into a storeroom for our activity.

Getting Things Done - GTD

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The Weekly Review, in detail

The Weekly Review is a time that GTDers dedicate to our personal organization every week. More specifically, it is a time we spend to restore our balance, ensuring that everyday urgencies will not impose their law and, therefore, we are always working on what is actually important.


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In Next Actions, only the essentials

Wanna play a game? Reducing as much as possible what you have in your FacileThings Inbox. I am not asking you to leave aside the projects and actions you have to do, but to apply the principles of GTD and use the resources the application provides to organize your workflow properly. You are going to realize how easy it is to overload your Next Actions list. I suggest you to answer the following questions, so you can reduce the burden of what is at hand:

Getting Things Done - GTD

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Your Projects List, complete

One of the most interesting components of GTD is the Projects List. Having a list of projects is an amazing discovery for those who are accustomed to working with a simple to-do list.

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