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Getting Things Done - GTD

Limit your inputs

Limit Your Inputs

Today we are living in a time when each of us has access to far more information than we could ever reasonably use in a lifetime. We convince ourselves that we must be aware of everything, that it’s part of our responsibility. We don’t want to miss out on anything, not even the latest nonsense. So we spend precious time following the news, social media, meetings, reports… obtaining any kind of feedback.

Getting Things Done - GTD

Health and stress free productivity

Your Health and Stress-free Productivity: Top 5 Things to Know

All of us are different people with different habits. While it is easier for some people to get motivated and focused on what they’re doing, other people are struggling with keeping their productivity up while their stress levels are down. We have been all there from time to time, laying at bed awake at night thinking about your work and how you didn’t finish as much as you promised yourself. However, being stressed about your work tasks all the time can have serious consequences on your health, both physical and psychological. Some of the physical symptoms include headaches, muscular tension, heart palpations, sleeping problems, gastrointestinal problems, blood pressure problems, and many more. Psychologically, you might experience depression, anxiety, pessimism, being easily irritated, aggression, isolation, and many more.

Getting Things Done - GTD

Stress free productivity

GTD: Stress-free Productivity

GTD is a personal management method, very different from any other. Known as the art of stress-free productivity, instead of focusing on time management — like calendar-based systems — or on managing urgent tasks — like “priority-based systems” — it focuses on helping us manage our engagements effectively.

Getting Things Done - GTD

Gtd benefits

10 Benefits of Using GTD

There are many methodologies when it comes to personal organization, probably one for each person in this world. They all have advantages and disadvantages, but GTD (Getting Things Done) is the only system I know that defines a complete workflow and covers all aspects of life and work.

Getting Things Done - GTD


The GTD Phenomenon, Fad or Necessity?

The GTD phenomenon appeared over 15 years ago, and maybe due to that the more skeptic want to say it’s dead. The truth is it was quite a “trend” some years ago. According to Google, the “Getting Things Done” search grew significantly in 2005 and it reached his maximum at 2007. However, the acronym GTD (much more popular outside the Anglo-Saxon world) took up the torch since then, and the graphic shows that the interest has been constant from then on.

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