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Getting Things Done - GTD

Stress free productivity

GTD: Stress-free Productivity

GTD is a personal management method, very different from any other. Known as the art of stress-free productivity, instead of focusing on time management — like calendar-based systems — or on managing urgent tasks — like “priority-based systems” — it focuses on helping us manage our engagements effectively.

Getting Things Done - GTD

Gtd benefits

10 Benefits of Using GTD

There are many methodologies when it comes to personal organization, probably one for each person in this world. They all have advantages and disadvantages, but GTD (Getting Things Done) is the only system I know that defines a complete workflow and covers all aspects of life and work.

Getting Things Done - GTD


The GTD Phenomenon, Fad or Necessity?

The GTD phenomenon appeared over 15 years ago, and maybe due to that the more skeptic want to say it’s dead. The truth is it was quite a “trend” some years ago. According to Google, the “Getting Things Done” search grew significantly in 2005 and it reached his maximum at 2007. However, the acronym GTD (much more popular outside the Anglo-Saxon world) took up the torch since then, and the graphic shows that the interest has been constant from then on.

Getting Things Done - GTD

Slower passtimes

Choose Slower Pastimes to Be More Productive

I have always supported the idea that personal productivity has nothing to do with working fast, something that many people, especially in the business world, don’t agree with. I’m totally against the cult of speed that rules our society, and years ago I chose to enjoying life instead of chasing after it, whether people like it or not.

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10 Benefits That Writing Gives You

Jason Fried says in his book Rework that in Basecamp, company in which he is co-founder and CEO, one of the abilities that they are interested in when hiring people is their writing ability, no matter if they are sales people, programmers, or designers. The reason is simple: Clear writing is a sign of clear thinking. Good writers know how to communicate, they make things easy to understand and they know when to leave out the unnecessary.

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