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Email-To-Inbox Enhancements

Today we have updated FacileThings with some enhancements that will make the use of emails more useful and manageable. From now on, when you send an email to the FacileThings Inbox, you will see the email content in its original format 1, HTML in most cases:

Productivity and GTD

Slower passtimes

Choose Slower Pastimes to Be More Productive

I have always supported the idea that personal productivity has nothing to do with working fast, something that many people, especially in the business world, don’t agree with. I’m totally against the cult of speed that rules our society, and years ago I chose to enjoying life instead of chasing after it, whether people like it or not.

Productivity and GTD

Over thinking

How to Combat Paralysis by Analysis

Analysis paralysis is a form of procrastination. Surely you have suffered from it more than once. It’s the term used to describe those situations in which you are thinking of something over and over again but you never make any decision.

Productivity and GTD


Finding and Fixing Productivity Bottlenecks

As we work, we create routines that define our process. We become accustomed to these routines, and after awhile we stop questioning our efficiency.

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