Stress-free productivity does exist

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Productivity and GTD

Bad habits productivity

Bad Habits: Get These Monkeys off Your Back to Become More Productive

The secret of becoming more productive is not just a hard work but smart approach to your activity. Of course, doing more in a shorter period is not that easy, especially when you have bad habits that waste your precious time. In this post, we are going to draw your attention to your harmful habits and encourage you to get rid of them. So let’s start.

Productivity and GTD

Map of aims

The Map of Aims - the Way to Productive Life

When you’re traveling, you usually plan your trip, meaning you organize your routes and sightseeing in advance because you want to get the most of your journey.

Productivity and GTD

Writing and productivity

How to Lift Up Your Productivity through Writing

Have you ever wondered about the true meaning of being productive? Most people would say it’s about achieving more in less time. Yes; that’s called efficiency and it’s an important aspect of productivity. But it’s mostly related to your work. When you think about productivity, you figure out it’s about completing your tasks as efficiently and as quickly as possible.

Productivity and GTD

Organized space

How to Organize Your Office Space to Be More Productive

If you’ve ever tried to work in a cluttered, disorganized space, you know how frazzled that makes you. To be more productive, you need a place for everything so you can find what you need the minute you need it.

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