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Productivity and GTD

Circadian rhythm

10 Surefire Ways to Improve Your Circadian Rhythm

Your circadian rhythm is a mix of personal sleeping habits and animal instinct. Our biology, or biological clock, tells us when to do certain things, sleeping included. In more scientific terms, circadian rhythm is the physical, mental and behavioral changes following your daily cycle, instinctually making you perform actions for your health.

Productivity and GTD

Gtd and personal development

Your Personal Development, Better with GTD

There are tons of people who do what’s strictly necessary to keep their current working and living situation, and that might be alright. It’s a life philosophy as right as any other, although it has more inconveniences than advantages.

Productivity and GTD

Planning and doing

Best Ratio: How Much Time Should You Spend On Planning and Doing To Succeed In Your Tasks?

The biggest difference between dreamers and doers is the results they’ll see. The reality of the matter is that neither of those people will reach their fullest potential without proper planning and execution. If you spend the whole time planning, you’ll never get anything done. If you spend the whole time doing, there’s no way to assure the efficiency and timeliness of what you’ll achieve.

Productivity and GTD

Google productivity

Productivity Tips to Steal From Google Employees

In this digital age, Google is one of the most powerful companies in the world. From its inaugural search engine to tablets and smartphones, Google constantly pioneers new pieces of technology.

Productivity and GTD

Happy and productive

8 Powerful Tips to Boost Your Serotonin: Be Productive and Happy at Once

Our success and productivity never remain stable. Sometimes we are more productive and focused. We make decisions easily and choose to complete more tasks because we feel like we can do it. But sometimes, we catch ourselves just wasting time, doing meaningless things and missing some important details. There’s nothing wrong with having your ups and downs, in fact, our activity is determined by the balance of hormones in our bodies. Serious hormone imbalance, however, is able to ruin your plans and make your regular activities challenging.

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