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Personal Productivity

Productive home office

5 Home Office Ideas That Will Encourage Your Productivity

Working at home can seem like a wonderful experience. What those who don’t work at home sometimes have trouble understanding is that having a home office also comes with certain challenges. There are no strict office hours as a time limit, no coworkers to turn to for help, and lastly, no one to boost your motivation and productivity. Without external motivators, your productivity level can easily fluctuate and decrease consistently.

Getting Things Done - GTD

Productive entrepreneur

How to Be a Productive Entrepreneur

You’ve been developing a business idea in your head for a while now and you think it might work. You could finally have your own business, do what you like, make the decisions and not depend on anyone. What you’ve always wanted.

Personal Productivity

Marketing automation

7 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Save Time with Marketing Automation

Companies across the world are implementing automation into their day to day routines. In fact, over 49% of enterprises use it on a regular basis. If you’re not using it and your competitors are, guess who’s going to get ahead?

Personal Productivity


To Improve You Have to Keep Playing

Creating and running a startup is a tough task. Fortunately, there are methods that teach you how to manage your day-to-day life and help you achieve the product your customers want. Methodologies such as Lean Startup draw a framework of action and put order in a process that has a tendency to chaos.

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