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Business Productivity

Green office

Efficiency Benefits of Having a Green Office

Companies around the world are transforming outdated workspaces into sustainable environments that benefit both employees and the bottom line.

Personal Productivity

To do list

Why Your To-Do Lists Are Not Effective

The first thing people do when they feel overwhelmed because their life, their job or both, are turning chaotic, is making lists.

Personal Productivity

Blog tasks

Why To-do Lists Do Not Work... And Calendars Either

To-do lists were invented at the same time that time management started to become a problem for many people, especially for knowledge workers. There was too much to do, so at the beginning it was at least necessary to have a clear inventory of all that stuff.

Personal Productivity

Blog productivity

7 Tips for Staying Productive While Traveling

Being productive while you’re traveling is not easy, for many reasons: you have limited resources, you have irregular schedules, you eat differently, you usually sleep worse, you do little exercise, you are away from your loved ones, you have more stress, etc.

Personal Productivity

Blog organization

Your Calendar Is Not a To-Do List

A while ago, I argued on this blog that using email as if it was a to-do list is, from my point of view, a very unproductive organizational approach. Each tool is designed for a type of use, and using email as a system of personal organization is like using a fork to hunt whales.

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