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Getting Things Done - GTD

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The Planning Fallacy and GTD

Are you one of those people who estimate the time that it will take to complete each task, in order to know how many things you will get done at the end of the day, week or month? If so, how often do you check off all the tasks in your to-do list, at the end of the period? If you’re like almost people, the answer is “rarely”.

Getting Things Done - GTD

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Convention Over Configuration

Convention over configuration is a simple concept that is primarily used in programming. It means that the environment in which you work (systems, libraries, language…) assumes many logical situations by default, so if you adapt to them rather than creating your own rules each time, programming becomes an easier and more productive task.


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New GTD Project Management in FacileThings: Personal Kanban

In GTD, most of your projects (by definition, any outcome that needs more than one action step) will be a sequence of actions to be performed one after the other to achieve the end result. In such projects, FacileThings shows you only the very first next action of each project in the Next Actions list. And when you complete it, the following action shows up automatically. So straightforward.

Getting Things Done - GTD

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The Three GTD Models

GTD is not more than the combined use of three work models that David Allen defined as a result of years and years of coaching others to become more efficient in their jobs and in their lives.

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