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New Project Management: Subprojects and Much More!

We have just released the new Projects section. Besides integrating the new design that we had introduced with the Dashboard and that we will be incorporating gradually in the sections left, we have changed all internal programming to improve significantly performance and execution speed. We have also added tons of improvements. But let’s go step by step.

Productivity and GTD

Students summer

5 Tips for Students to Make a Jobless Summer Productive

So the summer has rolled around and you don’t have any plans. Maybe you didn’t get the internship you wanted, or you’re looking to spend the summer having fun before you graduate and get down to work. Whatever the reason, you can still make the summer productive, and give yourself a leg up for the new semester. Here’s 5 tips that will help you get ahead.

Productivity and GTD

Gtd failing

10 Reasons Why GTD Might Be Failing

Your life was a complete chaos and you decided to put it together once and for all. You had heard or read about GTD somewhere and that sentence, the art of stress-free productivity, sounded just like the perfect solution for your organisation problem. However, you’ve been using this methodology on a daily basis for a while now, and, even though things are certainly improving, you don’t feel as if it has made a significant change in your personal productivity.

Productivity and GTD

Self talk

Talk to Yourself to Be More Productive

If you are running a 5k race trying to achieve your best time, surely in the halfway point you’ll be struck by doubt about whether you will get it or not. In full effort, with your heart beating so hard and the muscle fatigue accumulating in your legs, you will have a strong urge to slow down.

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