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Productivity and GTD


ROWE: Results Only Work Environment

A Results Only Work Environment is a human resource management strategy in which employees are remunerated depending on their results instead of the hours they have worked.


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FacileThings: Search Improved

The more data you enter into a personal organization system, the more important the Search feature becomes. There are times when you don’t remember exactly how you processed certain information, and there are times when it is simply faster to do a search than browse among lists, tags, and pages of data.

Productivity and GTD

Front door

Put Things in Front of the Door

At this point you already know that, in order to achieve those things you want, you need to focus on them. Many times, the only reason why you don’t achieve something is simply because you are focusing more on other things. Despite your willingness to improve and obtain good results, it’s very easy to get distracted with striking but less useful things. Therefore, when talking about focusing where its needed, any help is welcome.

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