Stress-free productivity does exist

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Productivity and GTD

Staying focused

10 Tips to Stay Focused

Productivity is not a question of how much time a day you spend working. Sometimes, a day in which you’ve worked for just three or four hours can end up being much more productive than a day in which you’ve been trying to work for more than eight. Have you ever experienced this?

Productivity and GTD

Productive employee

5 Ways to Become the Most Productive Employee You Know

Visiting the coffee maker for the sixth time today? Sometimes, you’ve just got to get things done on deadline, or maybe you’ve got a big evaluation coming up and want to prove to your manager you deserve that raise.

Productivity and GTD

Daily plan

Do You Have a Daily Action Plan?

The alarm goes off. A long day ahead to enjoy, but also a million things to do. You feel relaxed or worried about all the things you still need to do?

Productivity and GTD

Mood and productivity

Mood and Productivity Have a Strong Relationship. Here's What We Know about It

Have you ever tried to define the concept of productivity? If we take it as an economic term, an organization or a country is productive when it effectively uses all its resources, capital, materials, land, labor, information, and energy in the production of goods and services. If we’re talking about personal productivity, we’re still close to that definition. To make it as simple as possible, it means using all our resources (mainly time) to produce the best results with our work.

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