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Personal Productivity

Meditation at work

Meditation Techniques To Boost Productivity at Work

We often picture meditation as something we can only do when we are at leisure, in comfortable surroundings. But most of our stress doesn’t always come from our leisure time – it comes from work.

Getting Things Done - GTD

Gtd benefits

10 Benefits of Using GTD

There are many methodologies when it comes to personal organization, probably one for each person in this world. They all have advantages and disadvantages, but GTD (Getting Things Done) is the only system I know that defines a complete workflow and covers all aspects of life and work.

Personal Productivity

Internet worship

The Cult of the Internet and Personal Productivity

There’s an increasing number of people who think they should be posting things on their social networks consistently to be visible, to stand out in their different social circles, or simply to prove they exist. A tweet here, an Instagram pic there… We can’t let our followers down.

Personal Productivity

Brain training to staying focused

Top 10 Ways to Train Your Brain to Stay Focused

Attention is the most precious resource that we can leverage to actually get things done. The ability to focus and for a longer period of time on one activity is undoubtedly essential to every person who wishes to attract abundance and results.

Getting Things Done - GTD

Gtd in organizations

GTD in Organizations: Benefits and Challenges

Altough Getting Things Done is essentially an individual oriented management method, more and more organizations, companies and work teams are trying to incorporate the GTD culture among their members. It might seem obvious that, when each worker enjoys a sense of clarity and control with respect to their work, the collective result benefits to a large extent.

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