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Getting Things Done - GTD

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Basic GTD: Incubating

When you are processing your inbox, that is, clarifying the meaning of those things you have captured before, you will probably find some that don’t need any action right now but might need it in the future. They are actions like the following:

Getting Things Done - GTD

Blog productivity

Basic GTD: Delegate it

Delegating is one of the options you have when you are processing or clarifying what the things you’ve been capturing in your GTD system mean. To get to delegate something, first you have been following this process:


Expected dates

Deadlines and Expected Dates

Before introducing a novelty that you can use in FacileThings from today on—the ability to assign expected dates to actions—, let me clarify some basic GTD concepts so you can make the best use of this new functionality.

Getting Things Done - GTD

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The GTD Organizing Categories

Many people think that since a considerable amount of their tasks are trivial and easy (phone calls, sending emails, attending meetings, etc.) they just need a “simple” way of getting organized. This perception is simply wrong.

Getting Things Done - GTD

Being organized

What “Being Organized” Means

Some organization is needed and I think we all agree on that, albeit at different levels. No matter how disorganized you think you are, you surely keep the cutlery in the kitchen and your toothbrush in the bathroom. It is hard and stressful to live without knowing where the stuff is when you need it, right?

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