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Getting Things Done - GTD

Principles and values

Principles and Values

Principles are fundamental rules or ideas that guide thought or behaviour, and constitute a frame of reference for achieving the common good within a society. They are universal by nature. The principle of equality (all human beings are equal before the law, regardless of race, gender, nationality, social status or any other characteristic) is an example of a universal ethical principle.

Getting Things Done - GTD


Reach Balance through Your Areas of Responsibility

The GTD capturing phase has normally got a reactive nature. This means that you will be doing some work, going for a walk, or in the cinema, and suddenly, you see something, someone tells you something, you remember something or an idea comes to your mind. So you capture it to avoid the stress of having it at the back of your mind all the time or making you feel worried you might forget it.

Getting Things Done - GTD

Blog organization

The GTD Organizing Categories

Many people think that since a considerable amount of their tasks are trivial and easy (phone calls, sending emails, attending meetings, etc.) they just need a “simple” way of getting organized. This perception is simply wrong.

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