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Afternoon slump

20 Ways to Handle the Afternoon Slump

If you barely make it through the entire workday without taking a sleep break, you are not alone! Millions of workers around the world are dealing with that same problem every day. As the matter of fact, companies such as Uber or Google have already installed dedicated nap spaces in their headquarters, in hopes that some midday shuteye will boost employee productivity and creativity.

Through the tasks you hate

How to Breeze Through the Tasks You Hate - and Finish Them Easily

Most people struggle with procrastination at some point, usually around tasks that we hate to do. Even the most motivated individuals will have certain responsibilities that they just can’t stand doing, and often wind up leaving them for last. Here are some tips for finding your motivation and checking these dreaded chores off your list.

Staying focused

10 Tips to Stay Focused

Productivity is not a question of how much time a day you spend working. Sometimes, a day in which you’ve worked for just three or four hours can end up being much more productive than a day in which you’ve been trying to work for more than eight. Have you ever experienced this?

Productive employee

5 Ways to Become the Most Productive Employee You Know

Visiting the coffee maker for the sixth time today? Sometimes, you’ve just got to get things done on deadline, or maybe you’ve got a big evaluation coming up and want to prove to your manager you deserve that raise.

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