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Why We Love Doing Things That Don’t Matter

To-do lists can be really useful when used properly. The problem is that a lot of times we use them wrong. And one of the most common mistakes is writing down simple things that we can cross out easily to make ourselves feel well.


The GTD Phenomenon, Fad or Necessity?

The GTD phenomenon appeared over 15 years ago, and maybe due to that the more skeptic want to say it’s dead. The truth is it was quite a “trend” some years ago. According to Google, the “Getting Things Done” search grew significantly in 2005 and it reached his maximum at 2007. However, the acronym GTD (much more popular outside the Anglo-Saxon world) took up the torch since then, and the graphic shows that the interest has been constant from then on.


Getting Past the Stereotype: 6 Productivity Tips to Avoid

Being productive is a complicated mission. Every one of us wishes to get more done. We’re motivated by our goals, dreams, and desires, and we’d do anything we can to speed up the process. We’re aiming for results, therefore we’ll need to be productive in order to get them.


Why I Stopped Using Pocket to Capture Stuff

I suppose you know Pocket. It is an excellent service that allows you to save all kinds of links to read or watch later. It integrates perfectly with all your social media, your email, your browsers and all your mobile devices, so that whenever you find something that seems interesting, wherever you are, and you don’t have enough time to go through it thoroughly, you can capture it with just a simple click to look it up later. Frankly, I believe it’s a great idea.

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