Category: “Productivity and GTD”

Jobsite productivity

5 Technologies Enhancing Productivity on the Jobsite

Any business, whether it’s an SME or a Fortune 500 company, cannot miss out on the element of productivity. It’s rightfully something that all organizations must strive towards achieving and enhancing.

Sleep deprivation 1

Sleep Deprivation: What Impact is It Having on Productivity?

In the modern world where everything is digital and fast-paced, and people are moving towards a better life by working long hours and extra hours to get a few extra bucks at the end of each month. But this burning of the midnight oil is leading to a serious negligence when it comes to sleep.

Life purpose

How to Find Your Life Purpose

Productivity is not about doing things for the sake of it. There’s people who have a special interest in being more productive because of different reasons often related to an internal, deeper commitment: being a better professional, helping others, having more time to enjoy with their family, living a less stressful life, etc.

Team meeting

Learn 7 Effective Ways of Leading Team Meetings

For what reason do team meetings have such unfavorable criticism? Since such a large number of them are inadequately sorted out, excessively long, and rudderless as indicated by the states of mind of the predominant characters in the room. Indeed, even administrative and team meetings, which ought to be progressively compelling dependent on the measure of experience the participants have all things considered logged, are frequently more excruciating than gainful.

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