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Stress free productivity

GTD: Stress-free Productivity

GTD is a personal management method, very different from any other. Known as the art of stress-free productivity, instead of focusing on time management — like calendar-based systems — or on managing urgent tasks — like “priority-based systems” — it focuses on helping us manage our engagements effectively.

No network found

No Network Found. 6 Ways to Stay Productive if the Internet Goes Down

Finding out the internet is down can sometimes feel akin to an apocalyptic scenario. Modern society needs the internet for almost everything. The internet is a source of both work and leisure for millions of people, making both productivity and relaxation feel impossible without WiFi. It’s almost impossible to consider that being without internet is a productivity lifesaver.

Mental health productivity

4 Misconceptions About Mental Health and Productivity in the Workplace

In recent years, people have started to open up about mental health, sparking a national conversation and removing much of the stigma that used to come with such an admission. Still, all is not completely out in the open, especially at work — employees report that they fear talking about their mental health at the office.

Writing projects

How to Declutter Your Writing Ideas and Finish More Projects

There is one significant problem both new and experienced writers encounter. Believe it or not, but the issue is connected with having too many ideas that overwhelm you. Some writers will be surprised by a statement like this. Most of them would say that experiencing crisis and writer’s block is a real problem, while having too many ideas is more like a blessing. We all know how hard it might be to keep yourself in track when working at writing services or keeping a blog. However, let’s approach writer’s block from another angle. Do you remember how many brilliant ideas were buried in your phone’s notes? What about those numerous moments, when a thought stroke your mind all of a sudden and then withdrew into the void? How many shower and night dream thoughts are there in your notebook? These are unwritten stories.

Make ideas happen

How to Make Your Ideas Happen, with the Help of GTD

Although the good execution of an idea is essential for it to become a reality, the truth is that the root of all innovation — and of any creative work — is in an idea that someone had at a given moment and did not let it slip through the cracks.

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