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Personal Productivity

Creativity block

Unusual Ways to Break Through a Creative Block and Boost Productivity

Feeling stuck in your work is always a challenge. Often times, you just can’t think of any way to finish your piece. Is there any method of boosting your imagination, and productivity? There are many. And today, you will learn three easy tips to beat the obstacles on your creative path, and cope with a lack of productivity.

Personal Productivity

Writing and productivity

How to Lift Up Your Productivity through Writing

Have you ever wondered about the true meaning of being productive? Most people would say it’s about achieving more in less time. Yes; that’s called efficiency and it’s an important aspect of productivity. But it’s mostly related to your work. When you think about productivity, you figure out it’s about completing your tasks as efficiently and as quickly as possible.

Personal Productivity

Improving creativity

4 Ways How Creativity Can Be Improved

We often criticize TV show creators, music bands, and other artists when their work becomes repetitive, unoriginal, basically a pale image of what they used to create. It’s as if we tend to forget that creating an original content takes more than just a good mix of talent and persistence. People often get caught in a creative rut, which makes their work difficult, sometimes even leaving the artist completely unable to craft even the tiniest piece of art. Is there a way to get out of this craftsman’s limbo? Well, we did some research and managed to fuse together four pieces of advice that should help anyone boost up or even reinvent their creative performance.

Personal Productivity

Writing a diary

Write a Diary and Get Things Done

There’s one common goal that connects us all: we’re all trying to get more things done in less time. It’s a busy time. We’re trying to get somewhere faster, we’re trying to learn more things faster, and we’re constantly chasing close deadlines. How do we achieve everything?

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