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Your FacileThings Account, Redesigned and Improved

This weekend we have updated the FacileThings web application with important changes at the structural level – we have updated the internal core of the software to generate faster and more efficient code – and at the external level – we have completely redesigned the Account section, which also contains new features.

Business Productivity

What Role Does Team-Building Play in Productivity?

Productive employees are a sure sign of good work culture. When staff are happy and healthy, they’re far more likely to reach their potential and put in hours of fruitful work.

Getting Things Done - GTD

12 Tips to Keep Your To-Do List Short but Useful

The main function of a to-do list is to organize and prioritize the tasks you have to do. Besides, they allow you to gain a certain sense of control and peace of mind, since you know you don’t need to remember what’s on it.

Getting Things Done - GTD

To Be Productive, You Need Structure

You are working on an activity that you are stuck on, or that you don’t feel like continuing to work on because you don’t have the right mindset at the moment, or you simply don’t have the energy to continue working on it. There are two things you can do: rest or switch tasks.

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